ISTE 2011 Presentation

CSI: Gettysburg

Purpose: You are a news reporter who has been assigned to cover the events of July 1-3, 1863 in Gettysburg. You must travel to Gettysburg, collect information and then present your news report.

Travel to Gettysburg:

Google Earth -
Google Maps - 117 miles walking and takes 1 day and 15 hours

Gathering Information

-Look at panoramic maps of Gettysburg
-Look at Battle maps (Bachelder)

Touring the Battlefield

-Look at photos of battlefield
-Meet Alfred Waud & Alexander Gardner
--Examine their work
-Arrive at LRT (view interior of LRT)
--Know from maps that a certain unit fought here so research that unit (flag, history)
--83rd Pennsylvania

Touring the Town

-Meet civilians (Tillie, John Burns, Elizabeth Thorn)
-Meet some rebs

Compile Report:

-Read/Write/Think Newspaper

CSI: Declare Independence!!!

Touring Philadelphia

Map of Philadelphia

Gathering Data

Google Timeline
King George Letter

Meeting the key players

George Washington Papers
Massachusetts Letters

Examining the Declaration

Primary Documents in American History
National Archives Site
Publishing the Declaration
Resources from the Continental Congress
Speaking of History
Teaching the Declaration

Compile the Report

Liberty's Kids

More Resources

Congress for Kids
Ben's Guide to the Declaration

Declaration of Independence signer w/ most kids was Carter Braxton, VA, w/ 18 kids.

Patriot Pete