Introduction to Wikispaces

What is a wiki?

Why Use A Wiki?

A wikis is an online environments where a single or multiple users can easily create content, collaborate, along with adding various elements to pages including images, videos, slide shows, audio, and other embeddable resources that available online. Wikis allows for the easy creation of a resource sharing website that can be shared with others or allow other users to add their own content. Wikispaces also allows users to to collaborate on projects and discuss topics presented on pages. If you can edit a Microsoft Word document you can edit a wiki.

Signing Up for Wikispaces

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Some Example Wikis

Teaching the Civil War with Technology
Wiki with the Saints
The Flat Classroom Project
Joyce Valenza's wiki resources
Web 2.0 Guru - Cheryl Capozzoli's wiki
B-7 Bobcats Wiki - 1st Grade Class

Wikispaces Tutorials

Wikispaces Tutorial Updated

Thanks to Jen Dorman for this comprehensive, very informative and easy to follow tutorial of Wikispaces.

Customizing Your Theme Video

More Wikispaces Tutorials

More Examples